Bianca Maria Pia Rossi and grow in their farm in Morro d'Alba, one of the oldest vines Marches: "Lacrima di Morro d'Alba"; a red berry scents coming from that when fully ripe is slit and leaves "weep" the juice. The tears of Morro d'Alba is a native vine that was born and developed in this area of the Marche adapting to the area, almost to merge with it. The Denomination of Origin Controlled obtained in 1985 has helped to save it from extinction and to make him known. Aware of the great heritage of tradition and culture represented by this variety, the sisters Rossi, linked to the memory of the many harvests lived on the estate of his maternal grandparents, decided to vinify carefully taking care of the vineyard, by selecting the best grapes, interpreting vintages using technical scrupulous. From the union between tradition and modernity, comes a rare, special and unique with a strong character, which is a valid response to the approval of the taste.


Lacrima of Morro D'Alba


Lacrima of Morro D'Alba Superiore

La Vergara

Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi DOC classico


Rose Wine

Sarò homestead

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